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Table 1 Division of infectious diseases roles and key responsibilities in the COVID-19 response

From: Responding to COVID-19: how an academic infectious diseases division mobilized in Singapore

RoleKey responsibilities
Division chiefProvide leadership for the division pandemic response and overall strategy
Reorganize existing roles, manpower, and other division resources to ensure leadership and business continuity
Ensure hospital- and national-level advocacy, feedback, and coordination
Clinical directorOversee divisional rosters and manages clinical team to ensure sustainability
Develop clinical workflows and protocols in partnership with key stakeholders
Coordinate with major stakeholders within the department of medicine and hospital (i.e., emergency department, ambulatory services)
Deputy clinical directorJob-share with clinical director to ensure continuity and adequate downtime
Coordinate with select stakeholders that care for patient populations requiring distinct workflows/protocols (i.e., transplant, hematology-oncology)
IPC directorLead multidisciplinary IPC efforts at hospital level with national-level advocacy and coordination
Oversee IPC protocols including personal protective equipment guidance to protect against nosocomial transmission
Advocate and plan for enhanced screening, isolation, and cohort capacity
ID-IPC liaisonLiaise with key stakeholders requiring enhanced IPC input (i.e., anesthesiology department, intensive care units)
Coordinate with infection control nurses to audit IPC practices on pandemic wards, operating room workflows
Partner with occupational health clinic to develop protocols for screening of exposed or unwell staff
Hospital epidemiology directorOversee hospital contact tracing for confirmed cases, to ensure no IPC breaches and no staff, patients, or visitors exposed
Synthesize and report data nationally and to hospital leadership
Manage epidemiology unit and plan for surge manpower
Pandemic team cliniciansOversee patient care and manage medical teams on wards caring for COVID-19 patients
Embed in pandemic teams as a COVID-19 resource and review all screened suspect cases
Non-pandemic team cliniciansEnsure continuity of division non-COVID-19 clinical inpatient and outpatient services
Cross-cover some of the duties of pandemic team clinicians
Research directorCoordinate and prioritize research with clinicians and university basic science departments
Update literature reviews and summaries of emerging treatment and other COVID-19-related evidence
Fellowship program directorEnsure safety, well-being ,and optimal education-service balance for ID trainees
Adjust teaching activities to adapt to pandemic response phase and maximize learning opportunities
Media liaisonCoordinate responses to media and public education requests
  1. Suggested roles reflect our experience and may be shared, combined, or contextualized to ensure optimal coverage of key responsibilities
  2. Abbreviations: ID infectious diseases, IPC infection prevention and control