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Table 3 Relative effect sizes of treatments efficacy at post-treatment based on network meta-analysis (BMI Z-score outcome)

From: Face-to-face physical activity incorporated into dietary intervention for overweight/obesity in children and adolescents: a Bayesian network meta-analysis

  1. Treatments are orders in the rank of their chance of being the best treatment. Numbers in black boxes are SUCRA (the surface under the cumulative ranking curve) values and their CrIs (credible intervals), which represented the rank of the treatment. Significant pairwise comparisons are highlighted in grey and in bold. For efficacy in post-treatment, standardized mean differences (MDs) less than 0 favor the column-defining treatment. DI, dietary intervention; FTF, face-to-face; MH-delivered, mobile health-delivered; MLI, multi-lifestyle intervention; NCG, named control group; PA, physical activity