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Beyond Big Data to new Biomedical and Health Data Science: moving to next century precision health

Guest edited by Prof. Aziz Sheikh, Dr. Paul Wicks, Dr. Josip Car and Dr. Marc S. Williams

Big data image

The ability to gather data has become faster and cheaper over the last decade. This has led to an increasing amount of routinely generated data and advances in digital technology and biostatistical tools to examine and interpret these.

Big Data in Medicine can be used to provide health profiles and predictive models around individual patients. The use of high-throughput data to integrate genetic and clinical inter-relationships; real-world data to infer biological principles as well as associations, trajectories and stratifications of patients; data-driven approaches for patients and digital platforms are the hope for medical problems and evidence-based medicine.

We are inviting manuscripts that use data-driven approaches for patient care with a strong focus on policy making, clinical implementation and public health importance. Studies looking at data complexity, cost-effectiveness, new methods and tools, challenges facing Big Data in Medicine with the potential to transform medicine and the health system are of interest for this exciting collection.

We are delighted to work with four exceptional Guest Editors in this collection, all with different expertise:

  • Prof. Aziz Sheikh, Chair of Primary Care Research and Development at the University of Edinburgh and Director of The Usher Institute of Population Health and Informatics, has an interest in machine learning, data-enabled health policy making, transformation of care processes and precision medicine.
  • Dr. Paul Wicks, Vice President of Innovation at PatientsLikeMe, is interested in studies using real-world data (electronic health records, medical imaging and patient-generated health data), data sharing and data privacy.
  • Dr. Josip Car, Director of the Centre for Population Health Sciences in Singapore, is interested in how artificial intelligence and digital health are advancing medicine and population health, new analytical approaches and methods, and new data sources such as smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT).  
  • Dr. Marc S. Williams, Director of the Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute in Danville, PA, is interested in studies using high-throughput data, phenotyping, risk prediction and medical genomics with a focus on clinical implementation of big data.

We welcome direct submissions of original research or front matter content that meets the above described criteria. Please submit directly to BMC Medicine stating in your cover letter that you are targeting this collection. Alternatively, you can email your pre-submission queries (cover letter and abstract) to​​​​​​.  This collection will be open and accepting submissions until July 2020.

Guest Editors provided guidance on the scope of this collection and advised on commissioned content. However, they are not involved in editorial decision-making on papers submitted to this collection. All final editorial decisions are with the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Lin Lee.​