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Article collections


Article collection
Global Outbreaks and Responses
Guest editors: Professor Dale Fisher, Dr. Gail Carson, and Dr. Lina Moses.
Collection published: 30 November 2020 

Article collection
New Frontiers in Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Neuromuscular Disorders
Guest editor: Bradley Turner
Collection published: 26 October 2020

Article collection
Non-malarial febrile illness
Guest editor: Philippe Guerin
Collection published: 21 September 2020

Article collection
Complexity in Mental Health Research: Theory, Method, and Empirical Contributions
Guest editors: Dr Eiko I. Fried and Dr Donald Robinaugh
Collection published: 14 July 2020

Article collection
Cardiovascular Issues in Underrepresented Populations
Guest editors: Prof Deborah Lawlor, Prof Naveed Sattar and Prof Aletta E Schutte
Collection published: 29 April 2020

Article collection
Who dies of what? Strengthening CRVS systems in the Sustainable Development Goals era
Guest editor: Alan D. Lopez
Collection published: 09 February 2020 


Article collection
Stunting, undernutrition and obesity: the triple threat of childhood malnutrition
Guest editors: Prof. Andrew Prentice and Dr. Martha Mwangome
Collection published: 25th November 2019

Article collection
Beyond Big Data to new Biomedical and Health Data Science: moving to next century precision health
Guest editors: Prof. Aziz Sheikh, Dr. Paul Wicks, Dr. Josip Car and Dr. Marc S. Williams
Collection published: 17th July 2019

Article collection
Collection on: Stigma Research and Global Health
Guest editors: Dr. Gretchen Birbeck, Dr. Virginia Bond, Dr. Valerie Earnshaw, Mr. Musah Lumumba El-Nasoor
Collection published: 15th February 2019


Article collection
Celebrating the past 15 years of medicine: BMC Medicine anniversary articles
Collection published: 28th November 2018

Article collection
Spatial epidemiology and infectious diseases
Guest Editor: Prof Gerardo Chowell
Collection published: 18th October 2018

Article collection
Understanding Complexity in Health Systems: International Perspectives
Guest editors: Prof Trish Greenhalgh and Dr Chrysanthi Papoutsi
Collection published: 20th June 2018


Article collection
Migrant and refugee health
Guest editors: Prof Alimuddin Zumla and Prof Ibrahim Abubakar
Collection published: 11th December 2017

Article collection
Making a difference in the management of tuberculosis: REMoxTB series
Guest editors: Stephen H. Gillespie and Timothy D.  McHugh
Collection published: 24th November 2017

Article collection
Managing liver disease
Collection published: 31st October 2017

Article collection
Gout diagnosis, management and therapy
Guest editor: Prof Jasvinder Singh
Collection published: 15th June 2017

Article collection
Diabetes: prevention, management and treatment
Guest editors: Prof Naveed Sattar and Prof John Petrie
Collection published: 9th June 2017

Article collection
Spotlight on landmark oncology trials
Collection published: 2nd June 2017


Article collection
Vascular Dementia
Guest editor: Prof Amos Korczyn
Collection published: 3rd November 2016

Cross journal collection
Medicine and the Future of Health
Guest editors: Dr Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar, Dr Dale Fisher and Dr Paul Wicks
Collection published: 29th September 2016

Cross journal collection
Translational Oncology
Guest editor: Prof Tommaso Dragani
Collection published: 28th July 2016

Article collection
Zika virus disease
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 27th June 2016

Thematic series
Clinical insights into the human microbiome
BMC Medicine
Guest editor: Dr Omry Koren
Collection published: 19th April 2016

Cross journal collection
World TB Day
Guest editors: Prof Ibrahim Abubakar, Dr Helen Fletcher, Dr Marc Lipman and Prof Tim McHugh
Collection published: 23rd March 2016


Thematic series
Controversies in Neurology
BMC Medicine
Guest Editor: Prof Amos Korczyn
Collection published: 10 November 2015

Thematic series
Peer review – tips for junior reviewers
BMC Medicine
Edited by: Dr Jigisha Patel and Dr Sabina Alam
Collection published: 2 November 2015

Thematic series
Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
BMC Medicine
Guest Editor: Prof Richard Hobbs
Collection published: 12 October 2015

Thematic series
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: diagnosis, management and new therapies
BMC Medicine
Guest Editor: Prof Luca Richeldi
Collection published: 24 September 2015

Cross journal collection
Extending evidence-based medicine
Edited by: Prof Trisha Greenhalgh
Collection published: 1 September 2015

Cross journal collection
Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells – An update
Edited by: Dr Richard Schäfer and Dr. Selim Kuci
Collection published: 1 August 2015

Cross journal collection
The Many Meanings of ‘Quality’ in Healthcare: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by: Dr Deborah Swinglehurst
Collection published: 23 April 2015

Thematic series
Spotlight on prostate cancer
BMC Medicine
Guest Editors: Dr Sigrid Carlsson and Dr Andrew Vickers
Collection published: 24 March 2015


Thematic series
Promise vs perils of electronic cigarettes
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 9 December 2014

Thematic series
Vascular risk factors and Alzheimer's Disease
BMC Medicine
Guest Editors: Prof Hugh Markus and Prof John O'Brien
Collection published: 11 November 2014

Thematic series
Big Risks: the challenges and opportunities in addressing the biggest global causes of premature mortality
BMC Medicine
Guest Editors: Dr Raymond Hutubessy, Prof Gretchen Birbeck, Dr Juan-Manuel Anaya and Prof Alan Lopez
Collection published: 21 October 2014

Thematic series
Obesity: exploring the causes, consequences and solutions
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 26 August 2014

Thematic series
Combating malaria: research, prevention and treatment
BMC Medicine
Guest editor: Prof James Beeson
Collection published: 14 August 2014

Thematic series
Spotlight on breast cancer
BMC Medicine
Guest editor: Dr Debu Tripathy
Collection published: 12 August 2014

Cross journal collection
Prevention of Mental Disorders
Collection published: 9 May 2014


Cross journal collection
Venous involvement in neurological disorders and aging
Collection published: 17 December 2013

Cross journal collection
World AIDS Day 2013
Collection published: 21 November 2013

Cross journal collection
World Heart Day: Take the road to a healthy heart
Collection published: 24 September 2013

Cross journal collection
HIV thirty years on
Collection published: 21 May 2013

Thematic series
Current Controversies in Psychiatry
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 14 May 2013

Cross journal collection
World Asthma Day 2013: it's time to control asthma
Collection published: 3 May 2013

Thematic series
Evolutionary Medicine : clinical medicine from an evolutionary perspective
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 29 April 2013

Thematic series
Cutting edge: issues in autoimmunity
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 4 April 2013

Thematic series
Medicine for Global Health
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 14 March 2013

Cross journal collection
Using and abusing evidence in science and health policy
Edited by: Prof Timothy Caulfield
Collection published: 31 January 2013


Cross journal collection
Open Access Africa: Showcasing African research
Collection published: 5 November 2012
Updated: 11 July 2013

Thematic series
Personalized medicine: genes, biomarkers and tailored treatment
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 27 September 2012

Cross journal collection
Advances in Sports Nutrition, Exercise and Medicine
Collection published: 19 July 2012

Cross journal collection
Metabolism, diet and disease
Collection published: 21 May 2012

Cross journal collection
Cancer bioinformatics: bioinformatic methods, network biomarkers and precision medicine
Edited by: Dr Xiangdong Wang
Collection published: 1 May 2012

Cross journal collection
Towards a new psychiatry: Philosophical and ethical issues in classification, diagnosis and care
Edited by: Prof James Giordano
Collection published: 13 January 2012


Thematic series
Clinical biomarkers
BMC Medicine
Collection published: 22 September 2011

Cross journal collection
Focus on stem cells
Collection published: 7 June 2011

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